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I’m still trying to figure out what is the point of the NFL taking such a hardline against its referees. What is the league trying to prove? The referees have the most critical front line role in enforcing the rules and integrity of the sport as well as ensuring players’ safety on the field.

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Gene Upshaw Remembered

Posted: 23rd August 2008 by David Burnett in Character, Death, NFL, NFL Player's Union, Unions
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The sports world lost a true giant this week with the death of Gene Upshaw. The 63 year old Upshaw died suddenly from pancreatic cancer. He only learned he had one of the most devastating forms of cancer this past Sunday. Gene Upshaw helped shape the current NFL both as a Hall of Fame offensive […]

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Upon Further Reflection About Bryant Gumbel

Posted: 25th August 2006 by David Burnett in NFL, Television, Unions

The more I think about what Bryant Gumbel said about NFL Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw on his HBO Real Sports show, the angrier I’m getting about it. I have long been a Bryant Gumbel admirer because of his intellect, savvy and composure – which to my thinking remains unmatched on television. But why […]

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