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With a victory Tuesday night over the Oklahoma City Thunder, and now up three games to one, the Miami Heat are firmly in command and poised to win the NBA championship. But while basketball is a team game, a Heat title will really only be about one player.

The sport of basketball has been waiting a long time for this – a chance to crown King James, one of the most celebrated players in history. Game five in Miami on Thursday night should be his coronation.

In sports there is often a reference to “whose time it is”. It now seems that LeBron’s time has finally come.

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All along Roger Clemens said he didn’t lie to Congress. So the jury’s resounding acquittal of him on all charges of course technically supports that claim.

Now whether the jury actually believed Clemens was telling the truth or they simply chose to nullify the charges against him, because they felt government prosecutors over-reached, we may never know. But one thing seems increasingly apparent: the public, and maybe even that jury, is long past tired of the government wasting millions of dollars going after star athletes for the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.

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Tiger Woods, who has long sought to attain golfing greatness, gained a satisfying measure of sports symmetry on Sunday by winning the Memorial thus achieving one of his most important golfing goals.

Appropriately it happened at the tournament hosted by the legendary golfer known as the Golden Bear – Jack Nicklaus, who Tiger has been stalking since childhood. With the win, the 73rd of his career, Tiger is now tied with Nicklaus for second place on the all-time PGA victory list.

Tiger’s play during the final round was so remarkable that even Nicklaus was amazed.

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