The Indianapolis Colts never had a chance.

The Who Dat Nation and the New Orleans Saints were not to be denied on Super Bowl Sunday. Call it fate, destiny or whatever, but something intervened. This was the Saints’ Super Bowl. The Saints reaped the benefits of every break, hit a bit harder and seemed to want it more. But most importantly the Saints were clearly willing to risk it all in order to win sports biggest prize.

Nearly five years after the devastation of hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans continues to fight back. And the Saints march to the Super Bowl has come to embody the heroic struggle that many New Orleans residents have dealt with and some continue to deal with. How our country has responded to New Orleans and the other nearby hard-hit areas in the aftermath of Katrina speaks to the best of America.

As such the Saints victory over the Colts means everything to New Orleans and it seems it means a lot to an entire country except maybe the state of Indiana.

Try as they might to dismiss it, the 2009 season for the Colts may forever be symbolized by management’s decision in late December to rest players and play the subs rather than go for an undefeated season. That decision still does not sit well with many Indianapolis fans, who now must deal with the empty feeling that comes with being the Super Bowl loser.

A headline in the Indianapolis Star screamed “The Football Gods Get Their Revenge on The Colts”.

We’ll never know for sure if resting players took the Colts edge away. But what we do know is that the game was won on the field by a hard charging Saints team that clearly knew that a Super Bowl victory meant more than just taking home the Lombardi Trophy for the team.

And when Peyton Manning, arguably football’s best quarterback, throws a pick six interception while driving for the game tying score in the closing minutes… you know the game is over. Tracy Porter the defensive back who picked off Manning’s pass and ran it back for the score said he saw the ball coming all the way. It was meant to be for Porter and the Saints. There were no similar mistakes for Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who certainly moved up a couple of notches in the best quarterback discussions.

The way I see it, for now the Saints are the real America’s Team. Congratulations to the Saints and New Orleans. For Colts fans like me, there is always next year.

This year the Indianapolis Colts never had a chance.

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