I forced myself to watch the UConn women last night. I didn’t really want to waste my time on what I knew would be a blowout against West Virginia, but it was for the Big East championship. Okay, that wasn’t the main reason. I was mostly curious. I had been reading about the UConn winning streak. I had to see for myself.

The game was boring. And to my surprise, defending national champion, UConn wasn’t nearly as good as I thought they might be. But they were a lot better than West Virginia. What went through my mind was: Is this is the best women’s basketball has to offer? In the end, in the most methodical, (utterly mind-numbing) way possible, the Lady Huskies imposed a suffocating defense on their over-matched opponents, and held the nation’s 9th ranked team, West Virginia, to just 32 points – for the entire game. Final score: 60 – 32, another Connecticut victory.

Great game, yeah right.

I didn’t really know the players, but I somehow had heard of UConn’s Tina Charles and Maya Moore, each averaging about 18 points per game. All-Americans, Tina Charles? Maya Moore? Who? You haven’t heard of them? That’s the real problem with ladies basketball.

What makes it even worse is the fact that the ladies game is a tough brand of basketball to enjoy. I know it isn’t politically correct to say, but this much slower-paced, much less athletic game is at times almost unwatchable.

The fact is – whether we say it out loud or not, basketball is better when it is flashy, acrobatic and above the rim. I don’t care what the so-called basketball purists say, because if they were really true to their alleged principles, then they’d embrace ladies basketball and all other forms of ground-based hoops. Most people, purists included, do not like to see guys or gals who can’t run or jump. They say they do, but the attendance figures and the ratings don’t back that up.

Even at their best, even with an all-time winning streak (now 72 in a row), the reality is, I barely care what happens with UConn and neither do you. And I don’t feel too bad about that. It’s just the way it is. Maybe one day that will change.

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  1. Jean Edwards says:

    Hey David,
    When I heard this I thought about the streak Salisbury lacrosse had at 69 wins in a row. I guess UConn sailed by that.

  2. […] I’ve said that before about this team and ladies basketball in general.  But lets be real, these ladies just keep on winning.  Eighty-nine in a row is pretty impressive, no matter who does it. […]