Tiger Woods to Return at Master’s

Posted: 16th March 2010 by DavidBurnett in Golf, Grand Slam, Masters, Tiger, Tiger Woods
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Despite the continued public ridicule, the sponsors who’ve abandoned him, and the devastating damage to his public image, Tiger Woods’ announcement Tuesday that he will return to competitive golf at the Master’s in a couple of weeks is welcome news.

The Master’s, one of golf’s four major tournaments, is where Tiger’s legend was cemented. He has won there four times.

You could almost see the delight in the eyes of the announcers at ESPN – the sports network which will televise the Master’s early rounds – who could barely contain themselves as they reported the news. For ESPN executives it means they can now charge top dollar for those oh so few Master’s commercials. For the PGA, which has waited breathlessly for Tiger to determine when and where he would comeback, it means a return to business as usual – in other words, doing whatever Tiger wants it to do. For the players who will try to spoil Tiger’s return, it simply means that viewers will be watching golf again and maybe even cast a glance at them once in awhile.

It has been a long winter since the accident/incident with his wife Elin exposed Tiger’s well-crafted and very private image as a fraud. Frankly, I’ve grown tired of all I’ve heard. It’s been too much. But most of my friends believe that Tiger is big enough to handle this. They say he created this mess, so it’s up to him to get out of it. But trust me, Tiger will get a lot of help. Too many people and too many companies need him.

Tiger announced his return in a press release on his website. Good old Tiger, controlling the media’s access like always. But what else should we have expected. Especially after the “heartfelt” apology that he “read” the last time we saw him speak a month ago.

Most of us don’t like what we have learned about Tiger’s secrets, and we have sanctimoniously abhorred all the “garbage” that we voraciously consumed about Tiger’s life and lusts. He became another athlete who let us down, but as a bonus gave us lots to gossip about.

Nonetheless, the reality is that golf and sports fans still need Tiger Woods more than he needs golf. The TV ratings have been down by a lot since Tiger’s been gone.

I have always enjoyed the miraculous and sometimes overwhelming beat-downs that Tiger administered to his golf rivals. And even though my enjoyment of Tiger’s successes has been tempered due to recent circumstances, in time I’m sure Tiger’s future dominance will eventually provide me with the same satisfaction as before.

Welcome back Tiger. It’s time to talk about golf.

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