Tourney time again. Have you made your picks? Not being a college basketball fanatic, it is hard for me to know much beyond what the polls and my weekly channel surfing tell me.

On this March Madness there are two co-favorites to win the championship and they will face each other in the championship game.

And I am rooting for the local school to make it to the Final Four.

Three-time national champion, University of Kansas Jayhawks will be one of the finalists. Kansas last won the championship two years ago, beating Memphis in the final game. The Jayhawks have a solid, experienced team led by Cole Aldrich, and Sherron Collins. Kansas the overall number one seed in the tournament will be hard to beat.

I also like the University of Kentucky Wildcats. They’ve got one of college basketball’s best coaches to never win the big one in John Calipari, who in just his first year at Kentucky has taken the Wildcats to the top faster than anyone expected. But any great team has got to have the players and Kentucky has a one of a kind freshman tandem in John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins. Their skill level insures they are, one and done players, who barring injury will go on to starring roles someday in the NBA – starting next season.

My Cinderella, sentimental favorite, is Butler. As an Indianapolis native I am pulling for Butler to ultimately defend its “home court” in the Final Four in Lucas Oil Stadium, which is located about four miles from the Bulldogs’ campus. Butler has won 20 – straight games and finished the regular season 28 – 4.

A local winner would be a great consolation prize in Indianapolis after the disappointing loss by the city’s beloved Colts in the Super Bowl.

Oh, I almost forgot to pick the winner.

I believe Kentucky wins its 8th national title and the first championship for John Calipari. I also believe that the postscript to Kentucky’s victory will unfortunately not be a happy one.

Based on Calipari’s history with both Memphis and Massachusetts – his Kentucky team will have to surrender the title in a couple of years, when it is discovered that Kentucky violated some NCAA rule.

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  1. Kathy Chin says:

    Hey David,

    Guess you’re really going out on the proverbial limb…making a prediction like that. We’ll see what happens! No, I don’t have my picks yet…so I can’t talk trash about yours!

  2. DavidBurnett says:

    Hey Kathy… hope all is well. Yep as much as I might not like it I think Kentucky wins it.

  3. Derrick says:

    No to the cheaters. I’m going with Michigan State.