Mickelson Masterful In Augusta

Posted: 11th April 2010 by DavidBurnett in Golf, Masters, Tiger, Tiger Woods
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Finally Phil Mickelson lived up to the hype. He played the tournament of his life this weekend at The Master’s.

Although he was presented with the legendary Green Jacket on Sunday, Mickelson got fitted for it on Saturday. Three straight holes may one day define his career. Eagle, eagle, and a near miss eagle that he tapped in for birdie. Sensational shot-making. Dominating and convincing.

In Sunday’s final round Mickelson was not as spectacular as he was on Saturday but he seemed to be even more in control.
He had a number of challengers – Lee Westwood who for awhile appeared to be cruising toward his first major, finished second. Right behind were Anthony Kim, K.J.Choi and of course Tiger Woods.

Woods made The Master’s his first tournament back from the salacious headlines about his personal life. And of course all eyes were on him. But while he started the tournament as the lead story, he fittingly faded to an interesting feature at the end. Tiger finished tied for fourth at 11 under par, 5 shots behind Mickelson. But to finish so well after so much negative attention and pressure is a testament to Woods’ competitive nature. But Tiger’s effort was not enough. And that’s just as well.

Mickelson, who many of us have criticized and called over-rated, changed a lot of minds with the way he played and maybe changed for the good how we look at his career.

When it was over Mickelson found his wife and hugged her tightly. She is bravely battling breast cancer. His children wrapped their arms around daddy too.

It was a powerful image that golf is proud to showcase.

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  1. Golffan says:

    Hi. I saw Mickleson play in CT back in the late 90s and felt at that time that he had real potential, so interesting that some find him overrated. Also interesting that he was fitted on Saturday night. Do they fit all the leaders on Saturday? Hope Tiger doesn’t get too demoralized. He should just realize that he is, in fact, human. But he can still be the best if he continues to hunker down and focus. Wasn’t too impressed with the family moment – although very happy that the wife is better. It seemed too contrived – too much of a rub at Tiger, not that he didn’t bring it on himself with his lack of self control. Nice post, good clean analysis and reporting.

  2. DavidBurnett says:

    When I wrote that “he was fitted on Saturday” that was just a figure of speech. In other words he basically “won” the tournament with his spectacular play on Saturday.