With the Minnesota Vikings waiving him the other day, the Tennessee Titans might be the final stop for Randy Moss. But I foolishly thought New England was it for Moss. And that was two teams ago.

Randy Moss is on his third team – this season, well actually Tennessee is Moss’s third team in just four weeks. That’s the way it goes for Moss who just might be the most skilled and least respected wide-receiver to ever play in the NFL. Moss must take a lot of the blame for that.

One of Moss’s biggest problems is that he may never be able to live down his infamous declaration: “I play when I want to play” – words which Moss regrettably uttered a few years ago during the final days of his first stint in Minnesota.

Moss’s harshest critics say the tall, soft-handed pass catcher will always be about himself. Well, perhaps that may be true. And even if it is, is he so different from others who play that position?

We all know that wide receivers can often be really hard-to-live-with divas, craving for the attention that too often goes to the quarterback. But the fact is, without the graceful, sometimes impossible catches receivers make, most quarterbacks wouldn’t look so good – Hall of Fame passer Terry Bradshaw can certainly attest to that.

While some of Moss’s harshest critics will point to his selfish quote and the fact that he seems to only run one pass route – let’s call it the ‘go long Randy’ route, others will gleefuly add with little proof, that Moss is a locker room chemistry killer.

But for me, there is this thing called 154 touchdowns. That’s how many TDs Randy Moss has scored in his 13-year career, which is fourth all-time. Then there’s the issue of his deceptively fast speed. Moss has been clocked sprinting an amazing 4.2 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He’s still that fast by the way. I could go on, but you get the point. Talent should be recognized, not moods.

That said, let’s start with where we are now. Randy Moss is a member of the Tennessee Titans, a team contending for the playoffs, and in dire need of the deep threat that Moss provides.

Moss’ talents will probably benefit Tennessee quarterback Vince Young the most. Young will now have a real field-stretcher to throw to as a primary weapon for the first time in his career.

The addition of Moss will also open up the field even more for talented All-Pro running back Chris Johnson, who will likely see even more holes to run thru as a direct result of Moss being on the field.

I think what happened in Minnesota was that a moody Moss lavished a little too much love on his old team (the Patriots) while catching next to nothing playing against them in a losing effort. Further, reports are that he was extremely rude to a caterer who provided a team meal last week. Based on those factors alone Moss became an easy fall guy for troubled head coach Brad Childress who is leading a season gone bad in Minnesota. It was obvious to everyone that things were falling apart there long before Moss got to the land of the lakes – right Brett Favre?!

Yes, I know it is hard to like a guy like Randy Moss, so talented and wealthy that it makes you mad seeing him give what appears to be less than his best effort at times.

But the bottom-line is: the guy can still play – when he wants to. That one-handed touchdown catch he made earlier this season when he was still a New England Patriot over New York Jets’ cornerback Darrelle Revis was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

When Moss does play he’s pretty amazing. My gut feeling is that Moss will want to play for the Titans.

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