Hindsight being what it is, it’s beginning to look like Alex Rodriguez should have told reporters to get lost rather than hold that press conference the other day.  From the moment A-Rod said his unnamed “cousin” helped him to procure and then inject “boli” as he called it, the floodgates of doubt opened up. Now it seems there may be an official call for A-Rod’s cousin to explain how he got the steroid for Rodriguez and how he might have smuggled the drugs from the Dominican Republic into the U.S. – if in fact that’s what actually happened.  

Making things worse is that  A-Rod is now being linked to a personal trainer prominently mentioned in major league baseball’s Mitchell Report.  

“Confessions” often raise more questions than they answer.  This is now the case with Alex Rodriguez.  And perhaps that’s why you probably will not see a long line of players who will admit to using performance enhancing drugs.  The fact is nothing  said by A-Rod  or others tainted by the PED scandal will likely ever satisfy a hungry press corps or fans who feel betrayed their heroes.  

The problem with cleansing one’s soul – there is never enough soap.  To many of the fans, the media and other members of the public jury, these confessors will always be “dirty” in some way.   In his attempt to appear open, Rodriguez is beginning to look just like the liar many think he’s always been.  And right now he may be the best example of why  sometimes you’re better served when you say nothing at all.

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  1. bev hunt says:

    luv your writing skills bro. good to see that you’re not just another pretty face from the tv world of news!!! 🙂