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Posted: 28th December 2010 by DavidBurnett in Basketball, NBA
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GUEST WRITER – Reggie Sanders

With the possible exception of South Beach, the rest of America, and probably the world, wants the Miami Heat to lose, and lose badly.   No playoffs, no championships, nothing!  I do not wish them well and I want them to lose every single night, particularly LeBron.  Why? Because they are manufactured, arrogant and dismissive of what it means to be a team.  In my view that makes them fundamentally flawed as professionals and people.

Call me a purist but I’m fundamentally against this idea of personal-self-entitlement that seems pervasive among the American public. Our children are infected with feeling entitled to something that they have yet to work for as the examples before them are many.  So, if they don’t win they quit, grab their ball and go home or perhaps to South Florida.

I am not a fan of LeBron James the player. I feel he has yet to be officially coached and as a result he’s had unfettered permission to do as (he) pleases at every stage of his career.  When asked how he felt about James’ much hyped announcement on where he would play next, a distressed David Stern would only say that it probably wasn’t’t the best way to handle that. In the same breath I must admit that his outreach to many has been significant and meaningful.

Still, of all the professional athletes in the universe LeBron has had more leverage than Magic, Bird and Jordan had combined – particularly so in Cleveland – to affect the caliber of personnel of his team.  He clearly didn’t’t have to leave Cleveland to play with great players; he could have simply had them come to him.  More importantly the history of the league shows that no assembling of dream team players has ever resulted in the awarding of the Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

The essential problem for the Miami Heat is not ego and arrogance, its hiring the same type of player and asking them to share the ball.  James, Wade and Bosh all need the ball in the same way.

Reggie Sanders is a former journalist who worked in Washington, DC and Miami, Florida. The native Washingtonian is now director of communications for a government agency.

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  1. Sam Taybron says:

    I for one have no problem with the Heat and their newly aquired Super Star lineup. People act like this is the first time a major star has left a former team for greener pastures. Does anybody remember Wilt The Stilt saying goodbye to the 76ers and hello to the LA Lakers. How about Babe Ruth going to the Yankees. This story is as old as sports itself, so what if the fans are mad. In this day and age it is about time that aplayer has the heart to say I’m doing this for me. I hope the Miami Heat win the whole thing, People will probably say “They couldn’t have done it without James Jones. I also seem to remember a couple of moves a few seasons ago when three Super Stars came together and won a Championship…..Do the names Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett & Ray Allen ring any bells?