With Sunday’s overtime victory over the San Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos are now 5 – 1 this season with Tim Tebow leading the way and are now legitimately in the hunt for a playoff spot.  Perhaps victories will begin to quiet the skeptical team president who continues to have doubts about his quarterback.

Tim Tebow Prays for Overtime Victory

Still, I hope John Elway will finally acknowledge what is becoming apparent – something special is happening to the Denver Broncos now that Tim Tebow has taken the reigns.

Last week during an interview, Elway wasted no time pointing out Tebow’s shortcomings.  And he once again made no commitment to Tebow’s future in Denver.   Elway like many other NFL purists just can’t stomach the way Tebow plays the game – mediocre passing and lots of running.

And who can blame Elway for feeling this way.  He is one of the all time great quarterbacks.  But even Elway should keep an open mind.

Against the Chargers, Tebow ran the ball 22 times, the most carries for a quarterback in more than 60 years.   He completed just 50 percent of his passes for 143 yards which is mediocre to poor by NFL standards.

But somehow, this odd formula is working and even Denver head coach John Fox, who like Elway has his own set of doubts, is starting to drink the Kool-Aid.  Fox has now tailored the Denver offense to accommodate Tebow’s unique skill-set and he is reaping the rewards – while at the same time scratching his head.

Tebow’s approach to the game transcends the statistics or his style of play.   The fact is Denver is obviously better with him in the game.   His teammates seem to block and tackle better, run the ball better, and are clearly jelling as a team.  I can’t explain it, no one, not even the doubting experts or Tebow’s most fervent fans can.

Complicating the feelings about Tebow are his devout Christian beliefs.  He unapologetically wears his religion on his sleeve, praying on the sideline and quoting scripture during interviews.  These are blasphemous doings in an era of shout-outs and put-downs.

In a God-fearing nation like this, Tebow’s faithfulness should be a blessing, but the fact is far too many people are uncomfortable with Tebow’s public displays of Christianity, some fans and players have even cruelly mocked him for it.

But none of the “hate” appears to bother Tebow who earnestly seems to have a “forgive and forget” attitude about it all.   After he was critiqued by Elway last week, Tebow took it in stride and said he was grateful to play for and learn from a legend.

A lot can be learned from Tebow’s gloriously confounding and humble example.  Aren’t we supposed to be rooting for a young man like this?  I am.

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