All along Roger Clemens said he didn’t lie to Congress.   So the jury’s resounding acquittal of him Monday on all charges of course technically supports that claim.

Now whether the jury actually believed Clemens was telling the truth or they simply chose to nullify the charges against him, because they felt government prosecutors over-reached, we may never know.

But one thing seems increasingly apparent: the public, and maybe even that jury, is long past tired of the government wasting millions of dollars going after star athletes for the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.

Roger Clemens

Do I believe Clemens, one of baseball’s greatest pitchers, took steroids, and human growth hormone to extend his career, and lied about it?  Yes, I do.  But so what!  I wouldn’t convict him because of that, just like I wouldn’t have convicted Barry Bonds, and one day in the near future, would not vote to convict Lance Armstrong.

Prosecuting a select few athletes in “show-trials” when entire sports are guilty of covertly condoning the activity, is a huge waste of time and money.

What was Clemens supposed to say to lawmakers when they asked him whether he had ever used a PED?  “Yeah, I used and so did everyone else.”  Fat chance! Because that’s what he would have had to admit to in order to really get to the heart of the enhancement-drug problem in Major League Baseball.

But why should Clemens be the high-profile fall guy for a sport that deliberately turned a blind eye to the problem of PEDs for years but suddenly got religion well after it made billions glorifying the exploits of the artificially pumped up super stars?

Did it help that the government’s chief witness against Roger Clemens – Brian McNamee – his longtime personal trainer, medicine man, and supposed friend, kept syringes, cotton balls and other materials containing Clemens’ DNA, stored away for years – just in case Clemens turned against him?  I don’t think so!

Who does something like that?  Certainly not a friend.  While I believe that McNamee was telling the truth about shooting Clemens up with PEDs, something about keeping all the so-called evidence never sat right with me.   I’m sure the jury was turned off by that too, and wondered just like just like the rest of us: Why is it that the slimy guy supplying the drugs was free and the “show-trial” star faced a prison term.

I just hope now that the jury has rendered its verdict in his favor, that Roger Clemens doesn’t gloat and point fingers.  He simply needs to be thankful and shut up.

The truth is: Clemens took PEDs, lied about it and I think justifiably got away with it, because in this case, misguided, over-zealous, federal prosecutors, and congressional lawmakers who most certainly had better things to do than to look into PEDs, were more at fault than he was.

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