Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin repeatedly punched a Clippers equipment manager, Matias Testi, over the weekend and broke his own hand in the process.

Griffin and Testi in happier times

Griffin and Testi in happier times

If Griffin was an unknown person with a regular job, making a regular person’s salary, the fact that he punched a co-worker would likely mean Griffin would be fired and possibly prosecuted.

Little doubt there is more to this story than the punches thrown and landed.

Complicating this incident is the fact that Griffin and Testi are friends, at least they used to be. What would spark such a violent act? At this point we can only speculate – something I’m not going to do.

Bottom line, it shouldn’t have happened.  Clippers coach Doc Rivers and owner Steve Ballmer must decide how to move forward.  I’m sure releasing Griffin is not out of the question.

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