Last week Florida State University safety Myron Rolle delayed a trip to Maryland with his teammates in order to interview for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Myron’s decision to take the interview proved to be a wise one. He won both the scholarship and the game. Soon he will have to make another decision: whether to study at Oxford University for several years or study formations in the NFL.

Make no mistake, Myron Rolle is an elite athlete and will likely make an immediate impact as a pro player. But more importantly he is also a special scholar who after less than three years in college has already earned his bachelor’s degree and is working on a master’s. It is my hope that after this season he goes to England as one of those rare Rhodes Scholars on his way to becoming the physician he’s always dreamed of being.

Myron Rolle, the son of Caribbean immigrants, wants to be a medical doctor even more than he wants to play in the NFL. It is his lifelong ambition.

If Myron plays NFL football that will be a bonus. But I believe pro football can and should wait. Myron’s special gifts are his brain power, his will and his determination – attributes that other athletes should emulate and fans should take special note of and cheer for.

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