Dear Mr. Campbell,

You have taken the high road for weeks, while your boss, Washington Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, has now twice tried to publicly fire you and embarrass you.  I commend you for your decency during what must be an uncomfortable and trying time.   You are truly a southern gentleman.  You are much more decent and dignified about being slapped in the face than most of us might be under similar circumstances.   jason-campbell1

I wonder though, doesn’t it make you a little angry that Snyder, who just a couple of weeks ago promised that his flirtation with another quarterback, Jay Cutler, was just a passing fancy and that he was really committed to you, lied about that?  His commitment lasted just about a week, and then he turned his attention to a smooth talking college kid to play your position right behind your back.  Isn’t that some BS!!   But you, Mister Classy, simply said only that you were “shocked” that Snyder would do that.  I applaud you for your self-control.

But here is the bottom line.   Mr. Snyder and his team of advisers, despite their best efforts, couldn’t get the men they wanted to play quarterback.   And now they are “stuck” with you.   And its either a pretty messed up position for all of you to be in, or perhaps, irony of ironies, potentially the best situation of all.    Its what you make of it.

No, Jason, I’m not a Redskins fan, I never have been except for the briefest of moments.  Once to cheer for a past-his-prime, Doug Williams, who heroically played one of the greatest Super Bowl games in NFL history.  And one other time to root for Marty Schottenheimer, who is the only coach in the Dan Snyder era to truly mold the Redskins the right way, even though it meant Snyder had to cede power to someone who actually knew how to put together a professional football team.   The ceding control thing; I especially liked that.

But now I’ve decided that even if I don’t completely root for the Redskins,  I will definitely pull for you, Jason Campbell.  And I’m sure I am not alone here.  You have been wronged.  We know it and so do you.   And most folks I know hate to see someone get played, the way Dan Snyder and the Redskins have tried to play you.   Nonetheless, like the upstanding, respectful young man that you are, you have displayed a dignity far beyond anything that should rightfully be expected from anyone.  I like that and respect that.   But right now as a new fan and member of what has to be a growing fan club, I want more from you.

Please seize control of this team.  Even though Dan Synder owns them, circumstances now dictate that the Redskins can become your team now – if you want that responsibility.

The Redskins have done virtually nothing in the Snyder years.  But if you can take over the team with your leadership, your poise and your play, you will have stock in this town and this team that Dan Snyder will never be able to take away from you.

You wear number 17, just like Doug Williams did, so its time for you to act like number 17 and produce with big numbers the way Doug did in the Super Bowl two decades ago, when he played the greatest game any Redskins quarterback has ever played, when everything was on the line.

The biggest complaint against you is that you might be too nice, too soft spoken and accommodating to be a star in the NFL.  But I believe it is not too late to show that nice and decent doesn’t mean weak.  You haven’t nearly reached your prime as a player.   But you have already been tested.  And so far you have aced all the dignity courses.   Now its time to for you to earn your advanced degree in signal calling and team leadership.   You can do it.  I know you can.


A New Fan

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  1. Derrick Wilk says:

    I’ve been rooting for Jason Campbell for a while. Tony Dungy and before that Tom Landry prooved winners don’t have to act like the typical tough guy. I say it’s great that Dan Snyder showed his true colors. If this doesn’t inspire Mr. Campbell to elevate his game on and off the field then nothing will. I urge Mr. Campbell to have a great season and leave the Redskins in 2010.

  2. Derek, a journalist says:

    My brutha…once again you have nailed it. I really like your style, David. And your insight is right on time. Very very good. You missed your calling doing news all that time!

  3. chad says:

    for my entire adult life, this man has driven the only professional franchise that I care about in to the ground, and always seems to find a better way than the previous year to put it another 10 feet deeper.

    unfortunately, I have to agree. I am hoping Campbell shows himself this year, and plays out of his mind, for the ‘Skins and for himself. but, I cannot think of too many reasons as to why he should accept a contract from Snyder at this point, the obvious one is because when the contract is on the table, he may be the only person in the room that really believes in “loyalty”.

    I have and will continue to root for Jason, and wish him all the best. Just because Samuels is the only LT in the NFC who people seem to know (thats the only explanation I have for the Pro Bowl selections, especially over the last 2 years) and Carlos is doing a hell of a job concealing that he really doesnt know what he is doing out there, does not mean Campbell has to fall on the sword.

    I know he is trying, but like you said, step it up now, and show them they were wrong… Then he can count his money all summer long after he gets that new contract from an owner with dignity.

  4. Tanisha says:

    Hey cousin! You are one of the best players out there in the NFL. People who are afraid of success are weak in nature and will “hate” on you the first chance they get. I commend you on your poise tonight as you spoke about the Redskin’s up and downs this year. Next year, will be your year. Remember what they say: nice guys finish last. That isn’t necesarily a bad thing…it simply means that after watching all the other bull***t, they finally have arrived to the best. We love you and will always be supportive of you. Tee and Family