On a day that Tiger Woods is shockingly caught from behind at the PGA, to me, an even bigger story is Usain Bolt running an astounding 9.58 in the 100 meter dash in Berlin, Germany.

Usain-Bolt-wins-the-100m--001 Bolt the tall Jamaican      shattered his own world record.   He looks effortless in his running.   He takes long steady strides that are much longer and swifter than his peers.

American, Tyson Gay, ran a personal best and third fastest 100 all-time, going 9.71.  Still he couldn’t come close to beating Bolt.

Gay lost by at least 10 feet.  That’s a huge margin in track and field.

There has never been a sprinter like Usain Bolt.  He almost gallops up the track, smoothly unfolding his lanky body.  And then he hits full stride.   He doesn’t look like he is moving very fast.  But he is.  Faster than anyone has ever sprinted.

This is not just any record Bolt is breaking.  The 100 meter dash has historically been one of sports most important benchmarks.  The mythical title – world’s fastest human – is the name for the 100 meter record holder.  And that is Usain Bolt.

Still Tiger getting beaten outright at a major is big news.   YE Yang beat him straight up.   He caught Tiger and passed him with an eagle on 14.   Game Over.  It had to happen sometime.  Its hard to believe that Tiger lost.  Despite five victories this year, Tiger seems particularly vulnerable now and not because of knee surgery.   This is the first time Tiger has been tamed at a major.


He led from the start.  But this time someone stared him down and beat him.  Yang, from South Korea, has now beaten Tiger Woods twice in a showdown.

Right now I’m speechless.  When Tiger is in the lead on Sunday we’ve rarely seen him lose.  But this is the fourth major this year in which Tiger, our golf hero, is now exposed as a mere mortal.

It’s about time someone finally stood up to Tiger and forced the world’s number one golfer to wilt under someone else’s pressure.

Long live a more human and perhaps more relatable Tiger Woods.   Perhaps in defeat he will be even more appreciated when he finally does break all of golf’s records.

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