News flash …..,   Brett Favre finally signs with the Vikings.  That sounds familiar.  But wait, didn’t he say only a couple of weeks ago that he was not going to play again.   Seems we’d heard that before too!   What to believe?   Who to believe?  Certainly not Brett Favre!  Packers Favre Football

I’m way beyond tired of Brett Favre.   But I’ve got to hand it to him.   He has played the Minnesota Vikings for fools all year long and has gotten away with it.  And now he will be paid a bundle in the process.   Reports are that Favre will make about $12 million this season with an option for a second year.

This is the same guy who was injured at the end of last season, his only season with the New York Jets, and threw an NFL leading 22 interceptions, and just had major surgery on his throwing arm a couple of months ago.

Do understand that the Vikings made the playoffs last season, and may be the team to beat this season in the NFC North with or without Brett Favre.   Still it didn’t stop the Vikings brass from going all in, in their pursuit of the former Green Bay Packers star.

I’d hate to be one of the current quarterbacks on the Vikings roster – Tarvaris Jackson, and Sage Rosenfels who up to now were fighting it out for the starting job.   Both of them have been lied to repeatedly during the off-season and now in training camp.   The fact is neither will play much if at all this year so long as Favre stays healthy.   But its clear that Vikings management didn’t care what their quarterbacks not named Favre think or feel.

At one time, Brett Favre was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.    Now he is 40 years old and still clinging to the belief that he can regain the magic that made him so beloved and valuable.   I don’t think he’s that guy at all anymore.  But for now the Vikings do and they believe that even if its for only one season, it’s worth the biggest gamble the franchise has ever taken.   Nonetheless signing Favre doesn’t assure the Vikings a Super Bowl or even a winning season.

But we do know there is one certain winner here – and his name is Brett Favre.

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  1. JayThrntn says:

    First of all..Brett Favre has never been magical nor spectacular..He has been very consistant and dependable and probably one of the toughest guys ever to play in the NFL..I do like Favre..He’s legend..The Vikings didn’t make a gamble 12 mil. isn’t much for a QB anymore..And there isn’t exaclty a great pot to pick from right now as far as QB’s go..Both Vikings runner ups are busts waiting to happen..I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan..But still Go Vikings!