Michael Vick didn’t start and he didn’t play for very long last night in his debut with the Philadelphia Eagles. But it seems that the six plays he was on the field may have been a few too many for Donovan McNabb. After the game McNabb said that inserting Vick into the game so early disrupted the team’s rhythm.


Memo to McNabb: It was just a preseason game!

McNabb’s complaints about interrupting the flow of the game to accommodate Vick are a far cry from the welcome mat that McNabb said he laid down in welcoming Vick to the Eagles a couple of weeks ago.

Some expected boos for Michael Vick when he entered the game but instead there were mostly cheers and there were no major protests outside the stadium either. Vick said he appreciated the reception he received from the fans.

So why couldn’t Donovan McNabb, the Eagles franchise quarterback for the last ten years, keep quiet and be happy for Vick as well? McNabb’s early reaction could mean bad news ahead for those hoping for harmony in Philadelphia.

Could it be that McNabb sees that a re-energized Michael Vick could press him for playing time down the line? Could McNabb be wishing that he wasn’t so gracious in his initial support of a man he believes deserves a second chance?

I’m hoping McNabb, who not so long ago claimed to be the leader of the Philadelphia Eagles’ support group for Michael Vick, can be more accommodating to his new backup in the future.

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  1. Derrick says:

    Donavan has a week ego. Does he think Michael Vick can take his job? I thought he learned something from the Terrell Owens expereince. I guess not.

  2. JayThrntn says:

    I have to admit I saw this coming. Mcnabb has this silly little thing about him..he graciously accepts superstars to his team..then as soon as they are more productive than the battered, worn, under-achiever..He starts controversy and trouble in the locker room like a spoiled child..Terrell Owens anybody?..I know everyone hates on TO..but he wasn’t the problem either..Just like Vick isn’t the problem..Philly..Lose the loser and go for the winner..VICK!