Tiger At His Best: Why We Watch

Posted: 12th September 2009 by DavidBurnett in Golf, Tiger Woods
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When Tiger Woods is great he is capable of setting records that may never be broken. When he’s average he still finds a way to win. And occasionally he exposes some real flaws in his game, but he is most times still competitive even if he doesn’t win. Tiger at his best

Which brings us to the third round at the BMW Championship.

This is the Tiger Woods that most of us hope shows up when we watch. Tiger at his best. Tiger shoots a course record 62 at the BMW on Saturday to finish the day at 16 under par with a 7 shot lead. This is what is tantalizingly possible anytime Tiger plays.

It is why I watch. To see if he is going to do something no other golfer has ever done.

As good as he is, it is still rare that this Tiger Woods, the ultimate golfer, shows up. This guy is dominant occasionally. But more often than not the other Tiger, the competitor, scrapper, is the one getting the wins.

Sometimes he’s driving it straight and then putting poorly. Or Tiger is putting well and driving crooked. Or he’s making remarkable saves, just to keep him at par. That is how difficult golf is.

When Tiger plays really well. You know – much better than the other guys – its almost unfair. But it is certainly the reason I watch. We have never seen anyone like him. We should savor it and watch him often. We won’t likely be alive when the next great golfer comes along.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Someone else may shoot a remarkable round to catch Tiger or Tiger uncharacteristically plays poorly. But today was something special. Tiger at his best.

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