Vince Young Wonderlick Fiasco An Outrage

Posted: 12th March 2006 by David Burnett in College Football, NFL
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I believe what I see. Watching Vince Young’s virtuoso all-time performance at the BCS Championship game was all I needed to see to validate Young’s long term potential in the NFL. But just weeks later I am outraged by the nonsense about how Young’s alleged low “Wonderlick” intelligence test score suddenly changes how scouts should appraise the University of Texas quarterback. Vince Young won 30 games in three years as a starter at Texas – a phenomenal achievement. But because of the “Wonderlick” we are now being asked to believe that Jay Cutler from Vanderbilt who won only 14 games in four years, with no bowl appearances, is actually better than Vince Young. It’s ludicrous!

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