The Game of the Week is easily Green Bay against Minnesota on Monday Night Football. It will be Brett Favre’s first game against the Packers since he left the team two seasons ago.


Favre denies its a revenge game. But don’t believe a word he says. Favre’s track record for honesty is pretty shaky these days. You just know Favre wants to prove to the Packers that he still has it and that the team should not have moved him out.

And never forget that Favre holds every significant passing record in the NFL. Be assured Favre hasn’t forgotten.

But the guy who replaced Favre, Aaron Rodgers, has something to prove as well. He is now the quarterback of the Packers.

Yes, the Packers lost a lot of games with Rodgers last season, but it was not Rodgers’ fault. Rodgers threw for over 4000 yards and 28 touchdowns. That’s a great season by any standard for any quarterback. But all Rodgers hears is Brett Favre.

An impressive win by Rodgers helps both he and the Packers move on. You had best believe the Packers’ front office is seeking vindication too! It was their call to move on without Favre.

While the plot lines for this game are intriguing, The game could be monumental for cable TV.

While Monday Night Football is always the week’s top cable show, ESPN is poised to have the biggest audience in the network’s history, and possibly the biggest in cable TV history on Monday night.

ESPN pays the highest rights fee of any network to the NFL – more than a billion dollars per year. But ESPN does not get the rights to broadcast the Super Bowl. Those rights are retained by the three broadcast networks – Fox, CBS and NBC.

The NFL is still not yet ready to give the Super Bowl to a cable network. But that could change if the Packers – Vikings audience on ESPN is as big as some predict.

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