Okay I admit it. Brett Favre really did defy time. Quick release, pinpoint accuracy, almost all of his passes at just the right moment.
That is how Brett Favre used to play in his prime. That’s how he played last night on Monday Night Football.

Thanks largely to Favre, Minnesota won at home 30 to 23.

Favre wanted to put a hurt on Green Bay, and he did. Publicly he said the game was not about revenge. But the fact is he had a great game in a Minnesota uniform against his old team. Favre proved without a doubt that he can still play. Revenge enough.

But I praise Favre reluctantly. The last few years I’ve found it really hard to support this guy. Honestly, I’m way past tired of his yearly drama agonizing about whether he wants to play or not.

But what do I know? Maybe Favre really did want to retire those three or four times, but changed his mind. But does the past really matter? Not after last night. The hollywood ending actually happened. And best of all Favre gets to do it again later this season when he and his Vikings travel to Green Bay. It will be really interesting to see how Packer fans will respond to Favre.

A couple of points. Do note that Favre’s replacement in Green Bay Aaron Rodgers had nearly 400 yards passing. But Rodgers was sacked multiple times. He didn’t have a lot of time to throw but he threw anyway. And Rodgers threw it pretty well. Aaron Rodgers is a first tier quarterback – even if for now he is known mostly as the guy who replaced Brett Favre.

As an added bonus, the Minnesota/Green Bay game is expected to go down as the most watched cable TV program of all-time.

Brett Favre is Mr. Monday Night once again.

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