Florida State’s loss to Georgia Tech on Saturday may be the defeat that effectively ends Bobby Bowden’s coaching career.

With the loss Florida State falls to 2 – 4. This is the school’s worst start in 30 years.


This loss, 49 – 44, comes in the midst of a brewing drama in Tallahassee about the coaching future of Bowden. Last week the president of the board of trustees called for this season to be Bowden’s last. Things got so bad that even Bowden’s wife publicly lashed out at her husband’s critics.

But let’s not kid ourselves, the 79 year old Bobby Bowden knows he’s in trouble, and he knows that this time its serious. These losses are a huge weight around his neck that will serve as justification for those who want to see an elderly Bowden step down.

It is really difficult for any coach past the age of 70 to have a real hold on the job. No aging coach is immune from that fact. But with that said the simple way for the aging coach to keep the wolves at bay is to keep winning. And even that only lasts so long. The cruel fact is once you get to a certain age, even winning isn’t enough.

In just a couple of years, believe it or not, we will be asking these very same questions about Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski.

Coach K is already the ultimate coaching icon, with three national championships to his credit, he is just a year removed from winning an Olympic gold medal coaching the U.S. men’s basketball team. But in time Coach K’s accomplishments will be forgotten by some and will be found irrelevant by others. This is what is happening to Bobby Bowden now.

Which beg the questions: How do you properly say goodbye to a legend? How do you force out the man who singlehandedly changed the fortunes of Florida State football? I guess you just do it and deal with the consequences later. The powers that be at Florida State are working on those questions now.

This is where things stand with Bobby Bowden, who has now given his critics all the ammunition they need to force his exit.

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  1. Kevin W. says:

    Bobby Bowden never disgraced Florida State yet the powers that be at Florida State are trying to Disgrace him. What makes them think that their Offensive Coordinator can do a better job than Bobby?