It’s as bad as its ever been here in Washington. I’m not talking about the health care debate, but football. The real glue in this transient city has long been the Redskins. But its been nearly 20 years since the Redskins have fielded a consistently good team.


Making matters worse is that not only is the team mediocre, the Redskins are no longer a respected franchise. And now it appears, the next nail is being hammered – the fans are turning off. The same fans who have technically sold out every home game since the sixties. The same fans who used to watch in big numbers on TV at home.

The man who usually takes most of the blame for Redskins’ woes is Dan Snyder, a hands-on owner, whose only experience in football was when he bought the team ten years ago. Surprisingly I don’t think Synder is the biggest problem anymore. The real threat to the team is apathy.

I was at the game Sunday. Another horrendous loss to a no-win team. Previously 0-5 Kansas City came into Washington’s FedEx Field and shocked the falling Redskins 14 – 6. The Redskins are floundering with a 2 – 4 record on the season.

There were a lot of empty seats as thousands stayed at home. While there was a good measure of booing from those who were there, I got the distinct impression that many of them didn’t really care, and were booing out of habit. For some of them going to the game now is just a ritual.

And sadly many of the young Redskins fans have no idea what a good team wearing burgundy and gold actually looks like.

The Redskins have not scored more than 20 points in a game in two years.

Last week the team brought in an old bingo caller (really) as an offensive consultant, to make recommendations to head coach Jim Zorn. One of a series of desperate moves the team is now making.

But the man they should have called is in Tampa right now – Doug Williams. The former Redskins quarterback and Super Bowl hero is a player personnel executive for the Buccaneers. But he should be here in Washington in some capacity.

Doug won nearly 80 percent of his games as the head coach of his alma mater, legendary Grambling State. He has worked as an NFL assistant coach as well as in the front office.

Doug, who proved at Grambling as both a player and a coach, that he has a creative offensive mind, would bring football savvy to a floundering team, give the Redskin’s fan base the positive jolt it needs and serve as a mentor to the guy who now wears number 17, Jason Campbell.

Memo to Dan Snyder: You seem to be able to find room for just about everyone else, find room for Doug Williams. He could be your general manager or your coach or advisor.

I’m pretty sure he will take your call.

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  1. MarvelousM says:

    I don’t know if Doug Williams is the answer. He is just another untested guy who will be the fall guy for the franchise if things don’t go well. Snyder needs to bring in an experience general manager and an experienced coach to begin the process of turning this franchise around. And even with two experienced executives, its going to take time for the Skins to become winners again. What did they really expect when they brought in Jim Zorn? Did they really expect that he was going to turn around a franchise that Joe Gibbs, a Hall of Fame coach couldn’t turn around? Here’s the deal, all teams that had winning traditions go through downturns — it happened to the Steelers, 49ers, Raiders and Cowboys. And the Skins are in the thick of it, but it is worse because of bad decisions from leadership over the past 10 years. Spare Doug Williams some pain and let him stay in Tampa — at least the weather is good.

  2. Get it Done says:

    I agree. The Skins could use Doug Williams. He has proved he is a top notch coach and player. I say call him up!