Remember this – the Tennessee Titans have now won four games in a row. The winning streak was extended Monday night with an impressive victory in the Titans’ original hometown of Houston.

The streak started just over a month ago after a humiliating loss to the New England Patriots, 59 – 0.

At that point the Titans were winless on the season. Six straight losses. Nowhere to go, but up. At least that’s what they always say when it looks like there is no hope.


But apparently hope springs eternal for 86 year-old Titans owner Bud Adams, who called for Vince Young to return to the starting line-up after the Patriots loss.

Titans’ coach Jeff Fisher apparently agreed with the owner and benched veteran quarterback Kerry Collins. For tarnished star Vince Young it was now or never.

But clearly it is Now, as the return of Vince Young is propelling a once floundering team.

Monday night’s 20 -17 win over the Houston Texans is actually making it possible for Tennessee fans to think about the playoffs…

Well okay, if not this year, most certainly it looks like there are big games ahead for the Titans in the near future, if they keep playing like this.

The resurgence of the Titans of course coincides with the return of Vince Young, who is looking more and more like the guy who was simply unstoppable at the University of Texas, the guy who won the national championship over USC. Against the Texans, Young passed efficiently and ran effectively when called on and when he had to. At times Houston’s defense didn’t seem to know how to defend against him.

Vince Young’s return to relevance seemed unlikely a year ago when there was good reason to think that he had just about lost his mind. After the opening game of last season Young seemed to come apart emotionally when he was injured and benched in favor of Kerry Collins.

There were rumors of a suicide attempt after that game. Although Young has strongly denied trying to take his own life, his reputation was badly harmed. Making matters worse, the Titans went on to have the league’s best record last season with a troubled Young on the sidelines and many wondering if he was finished as a player. But that was then.

Of course the new Vince Young is helped greatly by the spectacular running of blazingly fast tailback, Chris Johnson, who has been timed at 4.24 in the 40 yard dash. Johnson is leading the NFL in rushing and looks like he might make a run at a two thousand yard season.

With Johnson, Young and an improving defense, Tennessee is keeping faint hope alive for the faithful in Nashville.

And right now it looks like whether they actually make the playoffs or not, Vince Young and his re-energized teammates will make it hard to forget these Titans.


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