Tiger’s Close Call: Our’s Too

Posted: 28th November 2009 by DavidBurnett in Golf, Tiger, Tiger Woods
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I just got a startling reminder about how much our sports heroes can mean to us.


For a few painful minutes on Friday I didn’t know whether the world’s greatest golfer would live or die. I know I was not alone in my worry and concern.

Based on the amount of Twitter traffic alone, thousands, perhaps millions of people around the world wanted to know the same thing. Was Tiger going to be alright?

The first grim news reports simply indicated that Tiger Woods had been in an auto accident and was in serious condition at an Orlando area hospital.

For awhile there was no other information.

It’s been my experience that when the news reports are sketchy about the health of a public figure, it is generally not good news. I was even more certain that the accident portended nothing good for Tiger when I learned that it happened 12 hours earlier.

I wondered why we were just now finding out. I concluded again that It couldn’t be good.

So for about 30 minutes I thought the worst. I would never again see Tiger Woods play golf. I would be robbed of the chance to witness him break golf’s most important records – he was oh so close to owning all of them. And now I thought, it was all over.

Tiger changed everything about golf. But more importantly he changed the viewing habits of his legions of fans. That devotion helped Tiger earn record-setting millions for himself and his fellow golf pros.

But as I sadly pondered a Tiger-less future, almost out of nowhere came the best news of all: Tiger Woods had been treated and released from the hospital. He was in good condition according to reports with only minor facial lacerations stemming from the accident which occurred just outside his home.

While police say they will conduct an investigation into how the accident happened, one of the first things we learned early on is that apparently no alcohol was involved. For me this was at least one good sign.

But do I wonder how Tiger could crash his SUV into a fire hydrant, then hit a tree in the middle of the night only yards from his home? Of course I do. Reports from TMZ late Friday suggest that Tiger may have had an argument with his wife just before the accident.

But right now I’m just happy that he’s alive and well and able to swing a golf club again.

Grieving over the possible loss of one of the greatest ever sports legends put in clear focus just how much Tiger Woods’ success means to me. Tiger’s victories are my victories too! I am a fanatic after all – fan for short.

Tiger Woods is on the verge of making golf history, and I, like so many of his fans, am on this ride with him. I want to look back on this time – Tiger’s prime – with admiration and appreciation when I am an old man.

Obviously, Tiger’s close call demonstrated widespread and genuine concern about his health and well being, but the accident also put on display just how much he means to his fans as well.

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  1. Suzan Falkner says:

    Thank God he is alright!