Trust What You See

Posted: 11th December 2006 by David Burnett in College Football, NFL, Quarterback

The final score: Tennessee Titans 26, the Houston Texans 20 with a thrilling overtime finish capped by THE RUN. The game was an emphatic statement for Houston native Vince Young who is earning more and more believers every week. Even though he was wearing Tennessee’s blue, Young electrified his homecoming crowd with a closing 39 yard sprint for the winning touchdown that will hopefully shut up Young’s nay sayers.

Vince Young is on a roll. He’s led the Titans to four straight victories and has won five of the last six games. Most of them come from behind thrillers. Yes, in only his 10th game as a starter he is already building his NFL legend. Young is enhancing the legend he crafted in college when he won the national championship last winter.

The problem is there never should have been doubters. The doubts crept in when Young allegedly earned a low score on the NFL’s “Wonderlick” intelligence test last winter. The doubts grew when many said he didn’t have the proper throwing motion to succeed as a top level pro passer.

But what I saw then and what I see now is a superb athlete and a gifted leader with rare motivational skills – the same skills that allowed him to lead the University of Texas to the National Championship in the Rose Bowl. What I saw was a uniquely skilled football player with an uncanny knack for making the right play at the right time. What I saw then was the greatest performance a college quarterback has ever had when the chips were on the line on the biggest stage. What I still see is a magical athlete who barring injury will thrill football fans in Nashville and around the country for years to come. I trust what I see. I hope you do too.

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