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A lot of eyes were focused State College, Pennsylvania and Penn State on Saturday, as the Nittany Lions opened the team’s first season in nearly 50 years without Joe Paterno as head coach.

Even more though than the absence of Paterno, most want to know how the school would fare under the weight of some of the most serious sanctions ever levied against a major college football program.

The immediate answer is not very well. Penn State playing at home lost to the Ohio University Bobcats 24-14.

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The fact is, punishment whether of an institution or an individual, never really provides an adequate response to, or compensation for, the wrongdoing and damage that has taken place. And the NCAA weighing in, only serves to satisfy the need to hold someone or something responsible without really fixing anything.

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I’ve been thinking about the plight of vulnerable children, Penn State University, and the firing of Joe Paterno for nearly a week, struggling with the complexity of this story and trying to find the right words to express myself.

But even as I take all of this in, I do know that the ironic benefit of this sad episode, if there can be one, is that the Penn State scandal can be one big, horrifying, teaching moment for all of us.

There are lessons to be learned from the tragic story of child sexual abuse connected to the Penn State campus.

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The other day I wrote about Joe Paterno, one of the great coaching icons who is still getting it done at Penn State at age 82. But another senior citizen coach is not faring nearly as well. Florida State’s Bobby Bowden is facing the inevitable end of his coaching career. Calls for his ouster are […]

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Joe Paterno: Old Steady

Posted: 3rd October 2009 by DavidBurnett in Coaches, College Football, NCAA
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I watched an old-fashioned Big Ten football game Saturday afternoon. Penn State against Illinois. It turned out to be an easy Penn State victory 35 to 17. I decided to sit through this relatively meaningless game as a way to honor the past. Years ago a game like this actually mattered but I also remember […]

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