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With a victory Tuesday night over the Oklahoma City Thunder, and now up three games to one, the Miami Heat are firmly in command and poised to win the NBA championship. But while basketball is a team game, a Heat title will really only be about one player.

The sport of basketball has been waiting a long time for this – a chance to crown King James, one of the most celebrated players in history. Game five in Miami on Thursday night should be his coronation.

In sports there is often a reference to “whose time it is”. It now seems that LeBron’s time has finally come.

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Dirk Nowitzki’s game Tuesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder will go down as one of the greatest playoff performances of all-time. It’s not just that he scored 48 points, and led his team to a convincing win, but it’s how he did it. Nowitzki missed only 3 shots all game, and was 24 for 24 from the free throw line. It was a dominant, career-defining performance for a guy who for whatever reason has never really gotten his just due.

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